Carolina Moon

My motto is: Change Is Good. I started grownup life as an illustrator. Took a break. Picked up a camera and a whole new world opened up--one that actually included people.
With a boat load of serendipity, I photographed people in other countries, people on my doorstep, and people in life-threatening situations. Some of those projects led to photoessays, articles, gallery shows, and a sweet gig interviewing and photographing interesting characters for a local newsweekly.
When a fellow photographer dragged me kicking and screaming to my first Photoshop class, I had no idea that a fusion of skills and tools was just around the corner. Check out my gallery of design and fusion art.
These days, I'm living and working in a tiny cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The stars are bright and there are plenty of bears to go around. Living large!

"Weather forecast for tonight: dark." 

George Carlin